Fredlyn Berger, Occupational Therapist for All Stages and Ages

Freddie’s first experience with word related treatment was awful, no doubt. At the point when Berger was a first year recruit at the University of Wisconsin, her 20-year-old cousin tumbled off a high bluff and supported serious horrible head damage and, accordingly, returned to working at around a 9-month-old level post-unconsciousness. Amid her cousin’s half year restoration program, Berger helped the treatment staff and saw her cousin’s recuperation of almost 100 percent of her typical capacity. It was this sensational occasion that influenced Berger to acknowledge that it is so stunning to be a facilitator in helping other people recoup after ailment or damage. Word related treatment turned into her fixation.

All through her OT vocation, Berger has been engaged with giving treatment and creating programs in neonatal serious care units, intense care doctor’s facilities, outpatient programs, recovery focuses, home wellbeing offices, and private centers. In 2006, Berger and her better half, Eli, made Wellness Works Therapy with an end goal to assemble a multi-disciplinary wellbeing and health organization that offered a cherishing and family-arranged condition and a various rundown of administrations. Quick forward to today: The Bergers now deal with extra undertakings, including Every Child Achieves, Reach to Succeed, and Wellness Works Home Health.

“I had a dream to make a multi-disciplinary association that conveys an entire wellbeing methodology and administrations all ages with claims to fame taking into account the pediatric, youthful, grown-up, and geriatric populaces,” Berger says. “What’s more, my central goal was to make a preparation situation that would support the advancement of every one of my professionals, which is something I never had and constantly longed for.”

My proudest minute: In 2010, I got the “business person of the year grant” from the Occupational Therapy Association of California (OTAC), and in 2011, I was respected when one of my patient’s families set up a grant in my name for investigate in the field of word related treatment through OTAC.

My future tasks: Wellness Works Home Health, our latest dispatch, is being guaranteed by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). It is an authorized home wellbeing office conveying word related, physical, and language instruction, alongside nursing care, social work, sustenance benefits, and guaranteed nursing help to the birth through geriatric populace in Southern California.

We’re additionally building up a Whole Health Autism Program taking into account all ages, and an all encompassing agony administration program.

We are additionally developing mindfulness for our treatment association by proceeding to instruct and give administrations to the more prominent group on all encompassing wellbeing hones while conveying astounding administrations. We will keep on researching new advancements, medications, and arrangements that enhance individuals’ personal satisfaction.

My Favorite Healthy Habits: Organic nourishments are an absolute necessity! Additionally, setting off to an infrared sauna which evacuates danger, and keeping up an inspirational state of mind and the conviction that there is an answer for each issue. I prescribe work out, eating natural nourishments, and taking vitamins/supplements frequently.

My Health Hero: My wellbeing saint is Dr. David Minkoff. He is really a motivation due to his devotion to discovering elective arrangements and being a patient supporter. He is uncommon in light of the fact that he really tries doing he proposes for others to do.